Allow me to wish a happy 50th anniversary to Doctor Who…

Allow me to wish a happy 50th anniversary to Doctor Who, which has taught me adventure, wonder, and bravery, made me feel like a kid again, and most importantly, instilled that every life is important and always has potential for greatness, and that even when a good story ends, its impact will still remain, and a new story will always begin.

Hello to Peter Capaldi, the official twelfth Doctor!

Hello to Peter Capaldi, the official twelfth Doctor! David Tennant was the Doctor when I first started watching Doctor Who. He was my Doctor. When Matt Smith was first announced as his predecessor, I acted like a disgruntled child, complained that … [Continue reading]

The Lord Of The Rings and the Ideal Christmas

Everyone has a memory of their ideal Christmas. The Christmas that was definitive of their childhood - the most magical Christmas; the one where you can still taste and smell the excitement and happiness when you recall it. My ideal, magical … [Continue reading]

A Bittersweet Evening: Saying Farewell to Downhere

This week, the band downhere came to the end of their Living The Dream Farewell Tour, and I could not be more grateful to have been able to attend their second to last show of the tour in Williamsburg, VA on October 14th.  Since July, when the band … [Continue reading]

Music makes rainy days better

I've met quite a few people who just plain can't stand rain.  Why?   It's too depressing, makes them want to stay inside, and so forth.  I totally get that.  However, over the years, I've started to enjoy the rain when it comes around.  You know … [Continue reading]

To all involved with The Called to Love Tour

... and they're back!  Picking up where they left off last fall, the wonders that are downhere, Jason Gray, and Aaron Shust began the second leg of The Called to Love Tour last week in Alexandria, Virginia, are continuing the tour until May.  I am … [Continue reading]

2012 makes me think of…

2012.  It makes some people think of the world ending. It makes some people think of the crazy people who think the world is ending. When I think of the year 2012, however, I think of two things:   The London 2012 Summer … [Continue reading]

Looking unto Jesus

One of many beautiful chapters from Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening. That book has been such a blessing to me... It is ever the Holy Spirit's work to turn our eyes away from self to Jesus; but Satan's work is just the opposite of this, for he … [Continue reading]

Thankful: Freedom from Fear

What are you thankful for? I was asked this question at a caregroup meeting earlier this week.  I wasn't pressuring myself to come up with some amazing answer, but I couldn't help but notice that I wasn't feeling terribly "inspired."  Going over the … [Continue reading]

An evening at the Called to Love Tour

The Called to Love Tour downhere w/ Jason Gray and Aaron Shust November 12th, 2011 Woodbridge, VA 2011 has been a big year for Centricity Music artists downhere, Jason Gray, and Aaron Shust. All three released fantastic, successful new albums … [Continue reading]