The Lord Of The Rings and the Ideal Christmas

Everyone has a memory of their ideal Christmas. The Christmas that was definitive of their childhood – the most magical Christmas; the one where you can still taste and smell the excitement and happiness when you recall it. My ideal, magical Christmas is the memory of three Christmases, actually – the ones that took place at ages 8, 9, and 10. There are a few things I strongly associate with those Christmases: shopping and taking in angelic Christmas decorations at Fashion Center in Pentagon City with my family, smelling every single candle available in every Yankee Candle Store I could find, and the most impossibly exciting thing of all… the release of a new movie in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Before each movie released, my sister Spencer voluntarily read aloud the forthcoming movie’s corresponding book to me (God bless her for that dedication!).  While those books are a hard read and a lot of information for a young child to take in, I was intrigued enough to keep listening when we began with The Fellowship Of The Ring.  When the Fellowship movie released during the Christmas season in 2001, I was absolutely, one hundred percent enchanted.  The story I’d been told and intrigued by all year was brought to life in a way that was so stupefyingly beautiful to my eight-year-old self, and after that, I couldn’t contain my excitement to hear and see the next book and movie.  Soon, Christmas was all full of immense magic and happiness for me, like for any young child, but while most kids feel unbearable excitement waiting for the presents they’ll find under the tree on Christmas day, my unbearable excitement was waiting to dive back into the beauty of Middle Earth on the big screen;  the one-of-a-kind musical compositions of Howard Shore, the otherworldly set design, the ethereal costumes and voices of the elves, the wit and spunk of the hobbits, the bravery of each hero fighting for Middle Earth.  It’s now been almost a decade since the last of the movies released, and even now, all this time later, I am still as enchanted as ever by those movies, just like that moon-eyed kid who couldn’t believe the beautiful things she was seeing and hearing.  In fact, no other movie has ever even come close to enchanting me in the same way.

Now, here I am, in the Christmas season of 2012, and I’m realizing my inner child has every reason to be excited, because today marks the release of the first of three movie adaptations of The Hobbit; the epic, wonderful book that started it all before The Lord Of The Rings;  my first introduction to the world of Middle Earth.  Like I looked forward to a new Lord Of The Rings movie each Christmas as a child, I can now look forward to a new Hobbit.  While I don’t expect that the enchantment, excitement, and magic I experienced seeing the Lord Of The Rings for the first time as a child will be perfectly duplicated, I look forward to experiencing, at the very least, a little taste of it again, and anticipating it over the next two years.  I’m not holding The Hobbit movies to any particular standard of perfection, nor do I want to compare them too much to the Lord Of The Rings movies, as I want to simply enjoy them for what they are, and let them enchant me in their own way.  They will be what they will be, and I have no doubt that what they will be is awesome.

If you actually read to the end of this, I feel like you deserve a giant reward or something.  Thank you for putting up with my flowery geekiness.  Now, if you excuse me, I must get ready to go see The Hobbit at the theater, with the one ring in hand (yes, really).  Let’s go there and back again!

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