2012 makes me think of…

2012.  It makes some people think of the world ending. It makes some people think of the crazy people who think the world is ending. When I think of the year 2012, however, I think of two things:


  1. The London 2012 Summer Olympics.
  2. Doctor Who.

Allow me to explain…

Like I always say, if you know me, you have, at the very least, a vague knowledge of what Doctor Who is (but if you don’t:  TV show.  British.  Sci-fi.  Best thing ever.).  Got it?  Alright.  Well, back in 2006, an episode of Doctor Who entitled “Fear Her” aired.  In the episode, my favorite intergalactic super-geek, the Doctor, and his friend, Rose, travel through time to see the London 2012 Summer Olympics.  In a major nutshell:  Upon their arrival, terrifying chaos of alien origin ensues nearby and threatens to sabotage Olympic happenings, as well as the safety rest of the Earth.  Here comes one of my most favorite epic moments in TV history… when the carrying of the torch during the opening ceremony is put in jeopardy, the dear Doctor saves the event by crazily and brilliantly stepping in out of nowhere and carrying the torch to the end to light the Olympic cauldron.  For the record, I am fully aware of how ridiculous this sounds to you.  Watch the episode.  It tells the story better.

I’ll never forget watching that episode almost five and a half years ago, when I was thirteen years old, fascinated by the scary and exciting story, and marveling at how far away 2012 felt.  I knew I would live to see it… one day.  One day so, so far from then.  In my mind, time was so slow that I felt 2012 just might never come.  Those London Olympics sure were thousands of light-years away.

And here we are now, it’s 2012, the Olympics are six months away, and the time I had to wait from 2006 to now almost felt like nothing.  It was shortly before I turned 18 that the way I looked at time turned upside down.  I didn’t feel as old as I actually was.  There was a time when 18 sounded so old, mature, and accomplished, but when I finally got there, I felt as vulnerable and incomplete as ever.  I looked back and marveled at the quickness of passing time like my past self used to marvel at the slowness passing time.  It’s funny, the way we look at time when we’re young.  Ferris Bueller wasn’t lying when he said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Thankfully, though time sped on, I was careful to not miss too much.   I don’t want to miss anything in the future.

Moving on from the heavy… what will the London Olympics look like?  Being a lover of all things British, I can’t wait to find out.  Will David Tennant arrive out of nowhere in the Tenth Doctor’s pinstripe suit, brown duster, and universe-saving Converse to carry the torch and light the cauldron?  I sure do hope so.

The best of 2010

Before we meet 2011, I want to compile a list of what are, in my opinion, the best (or my favorite) things of 2010; simple moments, events, music, entertainment, etc…just taking a moment to remember all the great little things!
Favorite things of 2010
• Spending lots of time babysitting my sweet toddler niece and realizing that she was one of my best friends.
• Watching my tiniest baby niece learn and grow, and turn into an impossibly sweet and loving little girl.
• Gaining a beautiful baby nephew.
• Developing wonderful, close friendships with amazing people in my church for whom I am so grateful.
• Writing songs with someone other than myself for the first time.
• Visiting New York City for the very first time…an absolutely amazing trip that I will NEVER forget!
• Just today on December 31st, visiting National Harbor in Maryland with my mom. We walked, took pictures, had coffee and hot chocolate and Cake Love cupcakes, browsed various stores, enjoyed the harbor…we just had a simple and WONDERFUL time together!
• The long-awaited release of tobyMac’s latest album, Tonight and Stellar Kart’s Everything Is Different Now, and, of course, though a drastic change from what we fans are used to, the Newsboys’ Born Again was a great one! And, I cannot forget the release of the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, The Farewell Show: Live In London by Delirious?, one of my absolute, all-time favorite bands on earth, who disbanded near the end of 2009. My eyes may or may not have been…uh…”watering” by the time I was done watching the Blu-Ray………
• Discovering new music – Mumford & Sons’ album Sigh No More, Train’s song “Hey, Soul Sister” (no doubt it’s been over-played, but for an understandable reason – it’s a great song!), various songs by OneRepublic, and, though I once insisted I would never listen to her…Taylor Swift.
• By God’s grace, attending three concerts I always dreamed of seeing but thought I would never be able to see: the American Idol Live! tour (headlined by winner Lee DeWyze), the Jonas Brothers on the Camp Rock tour, and the completely wonderful downhere! (who rarely come to Virginia)
• Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 1, of course! Waiting for Part 2 is bittersweet…I’m excited to see it, but it’s the end of the whole series!
• I’ll be honest. I was psyched about the third Twilight movie, Eclipse.
• I’m sure that if I had seen it, Inception would be on my list. Shame on me! 😉 I need to watch it!
• Discovering a sadly short-lived ABC show called Pushing Daisies, featuring the fantastic talents of Lee Pace, Kristin Chenowith and many others. Such a unique and wonderfully written show; it’s such a shame it was canceled so prematurely!
• I’ll honestly never know why I didn’t start watching Glee when it first came out. One day this past May, it came on right after American Idol (as it always did), and I decided that I might actually watch it, and as soon as I did, I couldn’t believe that I, being someone who loves music so much, would have missed out on it!
• The ending of LOST. There’s little I could say except that to me, it was a perfect ending to an epic and wonderfully confusing show.
• Last, but never least, the welcoming of Matt Smith, “the new Doctor,” on Doctor Who. Contrary to my expectations, he has been absolutely fantastic as the Doctor and I’m glad that he’s playing the part!
After looking back on 2010, we’re now looking forward to 2011. God is the same yesterday, today and forever – he’s the same God in 2011 that He was in 2010!
“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” – Deuteronomy 31:8
Our God is faithful! Happy New Year!

Pictures from an original Spider-Man comic…

I got my dad to lend me an old Spider-Man comic book of his from the ’60’s, and I thought you guys might enjoy seeing a couple pictures I took from it 🙂 Click on the thumbnails below to view the full sizes.
520180076_f7207b932d.jpg 520180074_e8cae766a8.jpg 520180064_f330244414.jpg
It was fun to look at an original! Hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂